Bloating isn’t just about the physical appearance of looking like you’ve just completed a hotdog eating contest (and won) or you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy with triplets. There is also that feeling that’s goes along with it; heavy, full, tired and in no mood to do anything except curl up on the couch with Netflix and your dog (or cat).


Whether you avoid foods that you know cause bloating or experience it with a sip of water here are some foods that may assist in reducing that feeling we all know too well.



  1. Lemon water – Start your morning with warm water mixed with fresh lemon juice. It can help relieve bloating and symptoms that come with indigestion.

  2. Celery – Celery is high in fibre and water. It’s great for reducing bloating in your belly and can also help to improve digestion and reduce gas. 

  3. Banana – Banana is rich in potassium, eating these throughout the day can assist in reduced bloating.

  4. Chia Seeds – Chia Seeds are incredibly high in fibre. Fibre helps promote healthy digestion and regularity. Another benefit of Chia Seeds is that when Chia is added to liquid it creates a gel-like substance. This substance acts as a prebiotic by promoting healthy growth of good bacteria in your gut.

  5. Ginger – Ginger has a relaxing effect on Intestines. Ginger can reduce inflammation in the colon, which will help food pass through the system more easily, thus, reduce bloating and gas.