Interesting facts about Soy Protein!


  • Soy protein is a plant-based protein powder that is derived naturally from soybeans.

  • It has a smooth consistency similar to Whey Protein.

  • It’s a complete protein as it has a complete amino acid profile.

  • There are 9 essential amino acids that make up a complete protein. To be classified as a complete protein, the protein must possess the right balance of all nine essential amino acids.

  • Soy protein could reduce the chance of heart disease, more specifically through its ability to decrease cholesterol.

  • It can improve athletic performance and muscle recovery due to the bioactive compounds present in soybeans – isoflavones.

  • It’s also known to relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes.

  • Soy protein is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. It provides a respectable dosage of B-complex vitamins, zinc, potassium, vitamin E, Phosphorus, and iron, all of which will provide the body with a number of benefits.