Vegan Chai Protein Nut Bars
DELICIOUS, HEALTHY AND EASY TO MAKE! PERFECT FOR A SNACK OR SOMETHING LIGHT WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GO! INGREDIENTS:1 cup oats1 1/2 cup quinoa flakes4 scoops Chai Protein1/2 cup walnuts crumbled with your hands*1/2 cup almonds*1/2 cup peanut butter1/2 cup almond butter1/3 cup pepitas2 tablespoons map...
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Easy 5 Ingredient Chai Protein Bars
Fast and easy, no bake 5 Ingredient Chai Protein Bars that taste as good as they look!INGREDIENTS: 1 and ½ cups oats 1 drizzle maple syrup 1 cup natural peanut butter 1 cup Chai Protein 1 cup vegan dark chocolate DIRECTIONS: Add oats, maple syrup, peanut butter and Chai Protein to mixing bow...
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6 Days With Chai Protein
6 Days 6 Ways with Chai Protein Here are 6 easy and delicious ways to incorporate Chai Protein into your day!   1. Chai Protein Smoothie Bowl   2. Chai Protein Shake     3. Chai Protein Smoothie     4. Hot Chai Protein Latte     5. Chai Protein Nice- Cream   6. Chai Protein Pancakes   You can ...
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