6 Days With Chai Protein
6 Days 6 Ways with Chai Protein Here are 6 easy and delicious ways to incorporate Chai Protein into your day!   1. Chai Protein Smoothie Bowl   2. Chai Protein Shake     3. Chai Protein Smoothie     4. Hot Chai Protein Latte     5. Chai Protein Nice- Cream   6. Chai Protein Pancakes   You can ...
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Delicious Mango Chai Protein Smoothie
This delicious smoothie is perfect when you’re craving something sweet! It is thick, creamy and healthy! Ingredients: 1 frozen mango1 frozen banana2 Tbsp Chai Protein1/3 cup mylk1 tsp Chia seeds1 tsp Flaxseed1/2 tsp cinnamon Tip: if you want a really strong mango flavour allow your mango to almos...
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