Chai Protein Double Wall Shaker Bottle


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Brand: Chai Protein


Enjoy your Chai Protein latte on the go with our NEW ‘travel mug’ style protein shaker bottle! Our 350ml sized Chai Protein shaker bottle is made from high quality BPA-free ‘tritan’ plastic and is double walled with a one-touch lid opening function.


The sleek inner black design of this bottle will not show internal stains from long use and the strong moulded design will help against the rough ride along in your gym bag. As this bottle is double walled, you can also use it to drink other hot/cold beverages. It can fit into most if not all cup holders and includes a plastic blender ball that moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake it. It will mix your Chai Protein powder with ease.


To see how you can enjoy a hot Chai Protein latte in this bottle, please click here to read instructions.

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