Stainless Steel 4 Drinking Straws + Cleaning Brush


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Brand: Chai Protein


These high quality, food-grade, stainless-steel straws are super cute, are suitable for most beverages and made to last!

Thousands of plastic straws end up in landfill each year so these stainless steel straws are a great eco-friendly alternative. 

Includes a brush for easy cleaning with warm soapy water or pop it in the dishwasher along with your cutlery.

Toxin free, plastic free and zero waste! 


Item Description: 

  • MaterialStainless steel   
  • ColourSilver
  • Item TypeStainless steel Straws
  • Quantity4 Straws
  • Weight120 g


  • Straight straws of 10.5” for 30oz tumblers 
  • Bent straws of 10” for 30oz tumblers.  
  • Straight straws of 8.5” for 20oz tumblers. 
  • Bent straws of 8” for 20oz tumblers.   


  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Rust and scratch proof-18/8 stainless steel  
  • Good for the environment

Package Includes:

  •  4 straight straws of 10.5” for 30oz tumblers + 1 cleaning brushes


  • 4 bent straws of 10” for 30oz tumblers + 1 cleaning brushes


  • 4 straight straws of 8.5” for 20oz  + 1 cleaning brushes


  • 4 bent straws of 8” for 20oz tumblers + 1 cleaning brushes       


Please note, these straws are not suitable for drinking smoothies.


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